By Liz Actub
Perhaps you are thinking of taking your bodybuilding game to a whole new level.  With Hugh Jackman’s physique in mind, you are determined to make this work no matter what. Always bear in mind though that your diet is crucial to your success. You have... Read more
By Liz Actub
Do you love your inner health as much as you love your outer wellbeing? We are what we eat, therefore, what we take in can affect what we become. What if someone tells you a billion dosage of bacteria can make a whole lot of... Read more
By Liz Actub
Do you often feel exhausted even when you have taken enough rest throughout the day? Are you experiencing heart palpitations and shortness of breath? Do you look pale and feeling weak? These symptoms can be mistaken as signs of falling in love (or falling out... Read more
By Liz Actub
The two most valuable visible skills a physical trainer or therapist can acquire is strapping and taping techniques. These are used for the recuperation of muscle weaknesses or injuries in the knee, elbow, ankle, shoulder, back, neck, chest, wrist, and hand. The effectivity of these... Read more
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