Blog / FOCUS T5 and How It’s Your Best Choice for Fat Burners
By Allen Khoa

Everyone has heard of fat burners, in some way. Everyone who’s interested in their fitness, anyway.

Well, most of them. If you haven’t, let me correct your current presumptions, the very name of fat burners themselves is kind of… a white lie. Fat burners are not… literally burning fat. You don’t just take them and expect your excessive body weight to be burned and melted like a candlestick on a windless night if you wait long enough. That mentality is one of the biggest reasons some users end up exactly the same and start calling the things useless.

Fat burners, first and foremost, are supplements that help you burn fat, WHILE you’re already in the process of burning it. They contain certain herbs, compounds and ingredients that increase your energy and stimulate a more effective metabolism. Which will help a lot when you’re working out and trying your best to lose fat with a proper diet and exercise, but won’t help at all if you’re not doing anything. So what I’m saying is you don’t want to eat that extra chocolate bar (and one more because it’s that good) while lying on the couch re-watching Friends, gulp down some fat burning pills and expect to look like Brad Pitt in Troy and wait for Jennifer Aniston to show up at your door.

Now let’s talk about fitness for a bit, these things go together. When we look at the term fitness, we only see the model girls and boys on magazines with fantastic bodies and smiles, but we don’t see the ugly struggle, discouraging repetition that they’ve gone through to get to that point of peak physical appearance. I love working out, I love eating right, but not just because. Hell I would gladly sit on the couch watching football with toes on tables and fingers deep in cheetos. No, I love doing those things because I want to keep a healthy body and look good doing it. It’s a lifestyle change, it’s hard and taxing, but the results are worth it. For those who are still struggling, that’s where fat burners come into existence. Well, not if you are skinny though.

Why is FOCUS T5 fat burner the best choice for you?



Iron Ore Health’s FOCUS T5, despite being new on the market, is one of the best fat burners to have been released recently. This is one of the company’s long-awaited products, with care in its planning and production it’s the result of studies and selective producing process. FOCUS T5 is a fat burning supplement that learned from the mistakes of its predecessors from other brands, mostly in regards to the ratios of the usual substances that are found in these supplements such as caffeine, vitamins B, chromium, L-carnitine, guggulsterone, whose capsules contained in bottles that said “the more the merrier” out loud in their ingredients descriptions. But, how so?

Firstly, let’s talk about the caffeine intake preserved in each serving (2 capsules) of FOCUS T5 fat burners, which is 200mg, the optimal recommended amount overall. Among other things, caffeine serves to increase daily energy expenditure, the number of calories your body burn, thus extremely helpful for workouts. That’s not to say the more you take it the better you burn fat, quite the opposite in fact, which is the reason you should only take up to a maximum of 400mg of caffeine per day, from all sources including food and drinks. Why? Well, although you might feel all estatic and energized, high caffeine intake could really burn you out quickly and get you to fatigue states, hangover-like. It’d just be like staying up overnight deep into work and not caring, then go to school the next day feeling awful.

Secondly, FOCUS T5 adopts Green Tea Leaf Extract as one of its main unique high points, commonly known as an appetite suppressant when combined with Capsicum to aid absorption, alongside healthy exercises. The ingredient contains a beneficial plant compound called polyphenols, naturally occurring antioxidants which have been studied and found to have a number of physiological and pharmacological fat burning properties, and help boost your metabolism. When evaluated, decaffeinated green tea extract in combination with exercise boosted fat burning about 25 percent, which will greatly assist you on your fat burning journey.

Thirdly, as I said, FOCUS T5 is a highly selective fat burner with better value. Well-backed by supportive researches, the product focuses on putting the right amount of each ingredient in each of its little capsules with a safety first mentality and low chances of side effects in mind to save you the hassle of taking 4-5 tablets every day. Most fat burners will blind you with large number of capsules, giving you the delusions of safety and effectiveness, but for FOCUS T5 you just need to take 2 per day, for a better, safer fat burning process and a more healthy body post-workout or diet.

The rest of the ingredients contained are: Vitamin B6, which contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism, normal protein and glycogen metabolism and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue; and Chromium, which contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism and to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels. As a whole, a capsule of FOCUS T5 owns a scientific and high quality ingredient combination that helps maintaining a constant calorie deficit to shred fat, in addition with a balanced diet and workout schedule, and it is specifically formulated to help reduce food cravings with stresses on Green Tea ingredients and give an energy boost without any crash. Another unique plus, It’s a non-GMO, vegetarian, gluten and calorie free fat burner, which is just what vegetarians on the way down want, since there aren’t many supplements that focus on the subjects of corresponding themselves to different types of personal living – health styles.

Oh and by the way FOCUS T5 is backed by a lifetime 100% no-hassle manufacturer guarantee, the only T5 supplement in the world that can say so.

What it means is you should try it for yourself, and go wild.

Preferably not literally, though.


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