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By Allen Khoa

Everyone has heard of fat burners. If you haven’t, go read my last article or just stay here.

First of all, happy new year! It’s now officially 2017 for everyone on Earth. As 2017 arrives, our new year’s resolutions start to take shapes. Some of us want to get a boyfriend or girlfriend or both, some want to have higher paying or better job, more money without a job, some want to finish school with good grades or pay off all of their student’s debts in peace. And some, actually a lot of people, want to have a healthy, fit body. And losing weight is one important part in achieving that.

Just like always, the things we can’t do last year get pushed on to the next, then when the next year comes the process is again repeated. Losing weight’s become a pretty consistent part of many year goals lists because of a pretty terrific combination of 3 reasons:

  • The increasing rate of obesity world wide
  • New year’s resolutions, like life goals and other placebo things, are easy to dish away
  • Food is heaven

This article is for those who still haven’t given up on the idea of having a good looking Miami beach body, for the fools who dream, crazy, as they may seem, to the hearts that bre—Oh, wait. Sorry, I’ll stop listening to La La Land soundtrack while writing from now on.

Anyway, even if you can look past those 3 reasons via sheer confidence, dedication and self-management alone, losing weight is still extremely hard if not done the right way. The process of it all is like cooking a complicated meal for a tough customer: without the right mixture of ingredients and spices it is definitely ruined.

A weight-loss slash fat-loss road is always a long and difficult one, and it usually comprises of 2 integral pieces which are Diets and Exercises – the two things that are too familliar to write about especially if you care enough about all these to still keep reading at this point – and within each piece it’s essential you do all of the things right. And even then, you will still have doubts as the results don’t come as fast as you want, despite you starving yourself (not recommended by the way, get an actual diet) or staying at the gym all day every day. That’s when CLA comes in and drop the hottest mixtape titled “Fight Fat With Fat”, in addition to helping you lose weight more efficient of course.

What is CLA?

First, let’s dwell into what CLA really means. CLA, short for Conjugated Linoleic Acid, in simple terms, is related to the omega-6 fatty acids, one of the two types of essential fatty acids that help the body increase metabolic rates, boost the immune system and keep cholesterol levels in check. It’s a fatty free acid that occurs naturally in a lot of things, commonly consumed foods – in particular animal products including meat and dairy products, so most people are already getting some CLA from their diet without them knowing it. But, why?

Well, even though CLA itself is still fairly new even among fat burners (which are basically it’s cousins) – it has been quickly growing in popularity in the fitness world. It is sold at almost all nutrition stores and is highly advertised on the internet, with many competitive weightlifters, fitness performers and individuals looking to burn fat talking highly of it and it’s positive effects.

With the increasing rate of obesity world wide, people have long become more interested in fat burners, and still, CLA is currently trending as one of the better products in that competitive market, not without good reasons. Here’s to why even weightlifters and fitness gurus love it: through one of it’s effects which is increasing the basal metabolic rate CLA helps to decrease your body fat percentages – however, despite a decrease in body fat you can still maintain muscle growth if you will it and are still working out on a regular basis. This is because CLA can effectively increase the muscle to fat ratio and act to enhance the growth of lean muscle mass, and this is backed via various researches and studies conducted over the years for people taking CLA during resistance and structured training programs. This is very beneficial because not only does an increase in muscle mass mean you’ll burn more calories without trying as hard as normally, but it also means you’ll be left with a more toned physique.

Most people are indeed not aware that CLA is prevalent in their day-to-day diet such as dairy stuff and beef and the likes, however the quantities in these products are low which means they have minimal impact when it comes to fat burning. That’s why CLA takes in the form of supplements, to contain big enough amounts to be able to have an effect. And when it comes to supplements, as it’s related to our own health, it’s in best interest to make sure that we choose the correct one.

Why Energising CLA by Mayfair Nutrition?

When talking about CLA in supplements form, the main thing to talk about is the amount of CLA in each capsule. Iron Ore Health’s Energising CLA contains an astonishing amount of 1000mg of CLA in a single serving, which is more than many products on the market and actually is half the recommended dosage of CLA per day. That way you can take up to 2000mg of CLA per day without worrying about having to buy another bottle too soon as in total the Energising CLA has an up-to-4-month-supply of 120 capsules, which, compared to the relative prices, is a really great deal. Also, screw having to pause your activities to take a pill every ten seconds.

Move on to the next, the capsule shell that holds all the goodies in are made of gelatin, purified water and glycerin, combined into a great mixture. The main thing to talk about is gelatin, which might be the most famous keywords among the fitness and nutrition world. It’s actually one of – if not the most used ingredients for capsule shells – in general. Why?

Any successful weight-loss routine means watching your calorie intake closely and getting regular exercises, but a protein-rich diet is also extremely beneficial. And, guess what, gelatin has the advantage of boosting protein. It has a unique and very non-inflammatory amino acid profile, which consists of glycine, glutamic acid, proline and alanine. These amino acids are medicinal to the liver, however due to the dietary exclusion of important organ meats, these amino acids are lacking in our standard diets. With this in mind, gelatin has been made the main ingredient for the Enegerizing CLA’s capsule shell, providing extra benefits to users. As gelatin is a water-soluble protein, with purified water in the mix it’s easily dissolved and thus the effects of gelatin is maximized. Glycerin gives each capsule a sweet-tasting flavour, which is more than can be said for many types of capsule shells.

All in all, pop a bottle and get ready to finally cross “Having a fit body” off your 2017’s goals list. Again, do get your exercises and diets in order though, CLA’s good but it doesn’t do magic when you keep sitting on your butts eating chips and reading articles and about weight loss journeys.

I’m done, I suck at endings. Go wild, yay!


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