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By Liz Actub

Eating a balanced diet and meeting your recommended daily intake is a tricky business. In this world full of misleading advertisements, what you believe is healthy for you can, in fact, do you more harm than good. Ever heard of “not all that glitters is gold”? Well, that’s how grocery shopping nowadays feels like. And there is this hassle of checking all the labels and making sure it has the vitamins you need AND making sure it doesn’t have the excess of those additives you don’t need. Cooking also causes some food to lose its nutrients so we also need to take that into account. It’s just this constant addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of the numerical value of the food we intake just to make sure we are on top of our health goals. Sometimes, you just want to go binge eating. Unfortunately, a lot of the really deliciously made from heaven food are not as healthy as they look like. It can get frustrating right? I get it; we do need to take care of our health as health is wealth. Without health, we wouldn’t be able to earn a living and enjoy what we have earned. But there’s got to be a way for us to stay healthy and still enjoy life.

Although nothing can beat eating nutritious real food to meet you recommended daily allowance, there are certain individuals who can benefit from supplementing their intake with vitamins and minerals.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women: The mother is responsible for giving her child the right nutrients to develop and she may need to double her intake for her and her unborn child. She may need supplements only after careful diagnosis from a qualified doctor.

Elderly people: Vitamin absorption will decrease as we grow older particularly with vitamin B12, calcium and vitamin D. It is best to ensure they still get proper nutrients through vitamin supplements.

Vegans and vegetarians:  We can name a lot of good reasons why meat is bad for the health. For instance, it can increase your risk of colon or rectum cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other foodborne illness. You can’t really blame the vegans and vegetarians to skip meat, however; they are also missing the vitamins that are rich in animal sources such as vitamin B12, zinc, iron, vitamin D, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin supplementation ensures that they don’t have any deficiencies for these important elements.

Of course, there are also other individuals who do not belong to these categories, yet, may need to take multivitamins. If you are recovering from a surgery or an illness and you feel you need certain vitamins to help you recuperate or if you have a poor appetite and are not getting the nutrients you need, you may need to take some supplements.

Here at Mayfair Nutrition, we always put quality above everything else and we do not believe that if a product has a superior value, the price must go up as well. We believe that quality nutrition is just within your reach at an affordable price. Our supplements are manufactured in the UK and coming from a quality manufacturer, we are not hesitant to offer you a 100%, hassle-free manufacturer guarantee. The Complete Multivitamin by Iron Ore is made up of 22 vitamins and minerals which is twice as much as any regular brand. Each bottle contains 90 tables that will last you 3 months of just 1 tablet intake per day.

What’s in each bottle?

200 mg of Calcium is a mineral required for bone formation and is also essential for blood clotting and muscle contractions.

75mg of Magnesium Oxide is an essential mineral for the normal functioning of your cells, nerves, muscles, bones and your heart.

80mg of Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid helps us to form and maintain connective tissues such bones, blood vessels, and skin.

14 mg of Ferrous Fumarate is used to prevent or treat low levels of iron in the blood.

16 mg of Niacin is best known for reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

12 mg of Vitamin E is an antioxidant that naturally slows the aging process.

100mg of Zinc Oxide promotes healing of the wound.

800 µg of Vitamin A is best to improve eyesight and boost your immune system.

6mg of Pantothenic Acid is used for reducing bad cholesterol, lowering high blood pressure, and preventing heart failure.

2mg of Manganese Sulfate is perfect for weak bones, certain types of anemia and PMS or premenstrual syndrome.

55µg of Selenium may help prevent the onset of chronic diseases.

2.5µg of Vitamin B12 is to treat pernicious anemia which is mostly found in the elderly.

5µg of Vitamin D3 is necessary for the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth and may help prevent cancer, type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

1.4µg of Vitamin B6 helps your body metabolize fats and proteins.

1.4mg of Riboflavin is a good treatment for a migraine and cataracts and may help in iron absorption as well as the production of red blood cells.

150µg of Boron aids in the building of strong bones and muscles, treating osteoarthritis and increasing the testosterone level.

1.1mg of Thiamine is a water-soluble vitamin that is essential for glucose metabolism.

37.5µg of Vitamin K1 plays an important role in blood clotting.

200µg of Folic Acid is used to treat certain types of anemia.

150µg of Iodine influences the functions of our thyroid glands.

20µg of Chromium Picolinate is recommended for people who want to control blood sugar, improve depression and lower cholesterol level.

50µg of Biotin is taken orally to prevent hair loss, enhance brittle nails and treat mild depression.

Each of these vitamins, however valuable they are to our body, is regulated in different quantities according to your need. We believe that too much of something can be bad enough and having more may not be good for the individual. Like everything else though, it is always recommended to consult a physician if you are unsure whether you need to take one or not.

Check out our Complete Multivitamins here or from Amazon otherwise; explore our wide range of products here for any of your health needs.

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